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Become a Patient

Referrals to NSC Cancer Care Alliance typically originate from another physician, either a local primary care physician or specialist. However, you are free to contact our central coordinator at 1-877-868-1612 for more information about our organization and how best to initiate the referral process so that you or a family member can be seen by one of our specialists.

Scheduling Appointments

The navigator and assigned NSC CCA physician will help formulate an itinerary, or schedule of tests, imaging studies, and/or consultations recommended during the patient's initial visit. Because some of our patients will come a farther distance, the itinerary may include appointments over a two-day period. Our goal will be to contact these patients within a 48- to 72-hour period after the initial referral with a complete schedule of the patient's planned itinerary. Our priority will be to schedule consultations and tests in a timely and efficient manner, minimizing the waiting time for our cancer patients.

Referral Process

The referral process begins with a telephone call to our central number: 1-877-868-1612. Our central coordinator will direct the referral to the appropriate registration department where the patient's pertinent information will be obtained. Medical records from the referring physician's office will be imported into our electronic medical records (EMR) system and forwarded to the appropriate NSC CCA navigator and physicians.

Preparing for Your Visit

To serve you in the best possible manner, we request that you bring the following to your first office visit:

  • Any requested forms or paperwork from our office
  • Any pertinent medical records (i.e. test results, imaging studies, operative reports, consultations) not already sent by your PCP to the appropriate NSC CCA office)
  • A current list of your medications and their doses
  • Your most current insurance information/insurance card

First-time patients should allow enough time to arrive at least 30 minutes earlier than their scheduled appointments, as unexpected delays can occur, such as finding the office, parking, etc.

Navigator Contact

Once a patient's itinerary schedule is finalized, the navigator will initiate first contact with the patient to review the planned visit and schedule. An information packet will be sent to the patient and the referring physician's office will be notified of the patient's itinerary. If additional tests are required prior to the patient's initial visit, the navigator will contact the referring physician's office to ensure that these tests may be completed in a timely manner and results forwarded to our office prior to their scheduled consultation. During the patient's initial visit to the NSC CCA physician's office, the navigator will introduce themselves to the patient and will continue to be the patient's main point of contact throughout their care with CCA.


A current list of hotels and motels, located within a short driving distance to the NSC clinics and Sacred Heart Medical Center at RiverBend will be included in the information packet sent to patients prior to their initial visit. The majority of these businesses will offer a discounted rate for patients and their families if they mention they are visiting from out of town for medical reasons.

To view an electronic list of accommodations, go to accommodations. For a map, click here.