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About Us

Who We Are

NSC Cancer Care Alliance is an organization of Eugene/Springfield specialists with the common vision of changing and improving our approach to the delivery of cancer care in our community. We represent a coalition of more than 50 physicians specializing in gynecology, urology, neurosurgery, general surgery, gastroenterology and pulmonology who have been providing quality specialty medical care for decades.

Our Mission

The staff and physicians within NSC Cancer Care Alliance are committed to improving the quality and delivery of cancer care for our patients. We understand that a diagnosis of cancer brings with it many emotions, including anxiety, fear and anger. To add to the stress, many patients feel confused and lost in the many questions that arise during the referral process to see specialists.

Common questions may include:
  • Why do I have to wait so long to see the doctor?
  • Which of the many physicians is responsible for my care?
  • Where/when do I go for my numerous tests and appointments?
  • Who will contact me to explain the test results and their significance?
  • How sick am I, and when will I undergo treatment?

Our Goals:

  • Timely and efficient scheduling of referred cancer patients.
  • A team approach to collaboration and coordinated care among specialists.
  • Utilization of a patient advocate or "navigator" to help guide the patient through the referral, workup and treatment process.
  • A more supportive and caring patient experience.

The Power of Collaboration

NSC Cancer Care Alliance physicians promise to work closely together with other specialists to create a team approach to cancer care. We strongly feel this strategy is crucial in the efficient sharing of medical information, ordering of diagnostic tests and the establishment of a well thought-out treatment plan. The goal is improved communication and coordinated care among all the involved care providers, resulting in state-of-the-art comprehensive care.

CCA Teams

The NSC CCA physicians are committed to forming specialty care teams that focus on collaborative care between specialists. We will work closely with associated groups, such as Willamette Valley Cancer Institute, Oregon Imaging Centers, Pathology Consultants, PeaceHealth Medical Group and Sacred Heart Medical Center at Riverbend, establishing the same expectation of expedited scheduling of tests and appointments, efficient sharing of medical information, and a coordinated team approach to the workup and treatment of mutual patients. Complex patient cases will be presented at Tumor Board conferences, where participating care providers come together to discuss and present a recommended treatment plan. The associate care providers include oncologists, radiation oncologists, radiologists, pathologists and other specialists.


Each NSC CCA office has a clinical nurse and patient advocate or "navigator" who will be your first contact into the CCA system. The navigator will work closely with NSC CCA physicians and navigators from other offices to arrange an itinerary of scheduled tests and appointments in a timely and efficient manner. An important resource and main point of contact for patients, the navigator helps guide you through your appointments, tests and treatment. The navigator will also be responsible for relaying information to the referring physician and other specialists involved with your care.